Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How to Access the KRA Itax Portal

How to Access the KRA Itax Portal

iTax Portal
It is easier to access the KRA iTax Portal and there are two ways you can achieve this. First you will have to open the web browser on the machine you are using. The web browser is a program for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the web that is the World Wide Web. These are some of the common browser application programs that we use; Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and the Opera browser among others.

Accessing iTax Portal
The best way to access the iTax Portal is to type the web address if you already know it. The web address is “”. This address in quotes is what we refer to as uniform resource locater (URL). This should be typed on the address bar. You do not have to type the whole address especially the Http and forward slashes, just type and the web browser will take care of the rest.
iTax Search

The second method is to assume you do not know the web address. You can use Google to search for the iTax portal. Open your browser and type, once the Google search bar appears, type itax. To be on the safe side, you can type iTax Kenya. Click on the first result that you will get. This will lead you to iTax portal where you can now log in.

Friday, February 7, 2014

How To Apply For The HELB Loan

How to Apply for the HELB Loan
Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) was introduced with the aim of financing Kenyans students who are pursuing higher education locally. This is achieved by providing affordable loans, scholarships, and bursaries to Kenyan students pursuing higher education. Those eligible for HELB loans are undergraduate and postgraduate students. The maximum loan a student can get is 60,000/= and a bursary of up to 8,000/=.
HELB loan forms are filled online and thus can only be accessed through their website. You cannot download fill-able forms rather you fill them online and once you have completed you can then print the filled forms and take them to your bank.
How to apply for the HELB loan
  • Access HELB website via
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page where it is written downloads and click on downloads icon.
  • On the HELB download page select the option you want which is either online loan application forms, repayment downloads, or supplier downloads. To apply for a loan you will obviously click on the online loan application forms.
  • A new page opens where you will be able to log in if you already have an account or sign up if you do not have an account.
  • If this is your first time you are applying for HELB loan, click on create HELB account. This is a onetime process whereby you will get log in details such as an Email and password.
To create a new account, you will be required to have:-
  1. National ID number
  2. Fill in your valid names
  3. A working email address
  4. Create a password that you will be using to log in to your HELB account at any one time
Before you start filling the form, make sure you have opened a bank account. This can be done on any of the following banks:
(a) Equity Bank
(b) Kenya Commercial Bank
(c) Cooperative Bank of Kenya
(d) National Bank of Kenya
(e) Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (Postbank)
Caution: Make sure you use a valid email address that is functioning and you do not forget the password you create.
  • After creating your account, you can now log in; you will use your email and the password you have created.
  • Select the application category type that you want to apply for:-
  1. Undergraduate Loan Forms – these forms are for first time applicants, second, and subsequent applicants. Undergraduates can also access loan review forms.
  2. Alternative Loan Forms – These includes postgraduate / continuing education salaried and the Public Servants Training Revolving Fund forms.
  3. Loan Status/ Loan Balance and Loan Disbursement – use this option to check for Loan Balances and Loan Disbursement status.
  4. Other categories - this comprises of Tivet Bursary and Funzo Scholarship Forms
First time applicants should select the option of undergraduate loan forms (non-salaried applicant). A new page opens where you choose the application type you want. The page also indicates the applications that are ongoing and the ones that are closed. Choose first time applicant. Then on the next page that opens, there are three steps that you will have to follow:
(1) Complete your loan application form – you should click on the area written read instructions and get started so as to start filling out the HELB form. The form can be saved when you complete a section to be filled later on.
(2) Make amendments before submission – this is the option you will use to make any changes you want before you submit the final form. To make any necessary changes, click on the link for Edit/correct application form details.
(3) Print your loan application form – this option will help you to print your loan application form. You can use the view application history option to view your form before printing. Once satisfied use the option of print filled application form to print your form.
When you go to the option of completing your loan application form, there are five stages that you must fill out correctly. These are:-
1) Stage 1- Applicant details. You will fill the following sub-categories
a) Step 1 of 3: Applicant’s personal details - In this section, an applicant is required to fill out their personal information. Items such as Sub-location, Division, location, county, among others. You should fill this information as per your National Identification Card.
b) Step 2 of 3: Applicant’s residence details - In this section, an applicant is required to fill out their current place of residence information. Items such as Sub-location, Division, location, constituency, and this information should reflect your current place of residence and not as indicated in your ID Card.
c) Step 3 of 3: Applicant’s University and loan details - In this section, an applicant is required to fill out their university and loan details. Specify how much loan you require and in case you need bursary there is a section to tick.
2) Stage 2: Parents details – you will fill the following subcategories:-
a) Step 1 of 4: Parents/Guardian details - Parents Marital Status - In this section, an applicant is required to fill out their parents marital information. Remember to specify whether you are an orphan or from a single parent. If either parent is deceased you will be required to provide details of their death certificates and attach certified copies of the same.
b) Step 2 of 4: Parents/Guardian details - Father details - This section is mandatory, if your father is alive, if you specify on the option NOT ALIVE, you won’t be required to fill the details of your father. It is Mandatory to fill parent’s income, failure to that will lead to an automatic disqualification of the loan. Specify income from any source, business, well wishers, GOK, relief among others.
c) Step 3 of 4: Parents/Guardian details - Mother details - In this section, an applicant is required to fill out their family expense details. This includes items such as food, clothing, and rent among others. Please enter numeric values only without special characters or commas for instance 6000 and not 6,000.
3) Education details – For this section fill your education details on the form capturing primary, secondary school and any other enrollment done after that. You will be required to provide index numbers for schools attended.
4) Guarantor details – For this section you will fill your Guarantor details on the form capturing all their details as instructed.
5) Bank details - This section requires you to fill your Bank details on the form capturing all details as instructed.
Upon completion of filling the form, it should be printed and delivered to the board but it must go through your bank. Those forms submitted later than deadline shall not be processed.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KRA Pin Application

What is KRA Pin?

NOTE: Please note that this method of applying for KRA PIN using ITMS has been stopped. We are now using ITAX. Click on this link to access the ITAX Tutorial on how to apply for KRA PIN.

This is a question many of us ask ourselves especially when you want to cut a deal and we are asked for our PIN number. The acronym PIN means Personal Identification Number. As the words suggest, it is purposely used for identifying (tracking) individuals and in Kenyan, it is issued by Kenya Revenue Authority through an elaborate online system. This online KRA pin application process has made it very easy for Kenyans to acquire the PIN with a period time of less than 10 minutes (depending on the internet connection speed) and it can be accessed anywhere there is internet connection.

For you to conduct most of business transactions in Kenya, you will be required to have a PIN e.g.
1. For tax payers.
3. When applying for electricity, water connection a host of other activities.


The requirements are:-
(a) Internet connection
(b) A printer

These are the steps you should follow in order to apply and get the KRA PIN.
1. Visit the KRA's website by typing the following in your browser, you can also Google KRA Pin Application and click on the first results or alternatively you can do so by simply clicking on this link:- Click here for a direct link.

At the center of the page that will open, you will notice an area written "KRA Online", below there, click on where it is written "Click Here, To Apply for your PIN and/or Submit Online Returns."

2. After clicking, a new window opens, below the message "Welcome to KRA Online services.
Please enter your 'User Id' and 'password' to access the system services."
click "on new tax payer".

3. On the new tax payer window, which is written "Pin assignment for new tax payer," select whether you are applying pin for Resident, Non-Resident or Company. Then click on validate to continue.

4. A new window opens where you have to fill the following details:- ID Number, Date of Birth of the applicant, District of Birth of applicant, (these fields are mandatory). Then you can also fill Mother's last name and Father's last name, although these two are not mandatory. Then you will have to type the year of birth of the applicant and then click on validate.

5. If the information you have entered is correct, a new window will open with some of your details like Father's and Mother's name already pre-recorded. If you have entered the wrong details or different from those already in KRAs database, you will get the following message,YOUR DATA IS NOT CONSISTENT WITH DATA AT KRA, Please correct it or go to a KRA station. In this case you will be required to determine which data is not in order and input the correct one. There are those IDs that don't have the date of birth, you should use 1st July, then the year you were born. If for any reason you can't go through this stage, you can contact KRA's office or you email them at

6. Now fill in the following details correctly, the ones marked by an asterisk are a must:-

(a) For physical address, fill in your City/town of residence, Street/road, building/location, Area code, Lr No.

(b) For postal address, fill in the Box No and postal code.

(c) For telephone fill in the landline and area code, and mobile.

(d) For Email address, enter your email address and make sure you enter the correct email address because that is where your pin will be sent.

The other information to fill is your Main business activity and lastly the tax payer obligation.

Once you are satisfied the information you have given is correct, tick the check box at the bottom and then submit your form.

After submitting you will get a page with the following message;

Thank you, Dear Customer, Your registration has been successful, Your PIN and password will be sent to the email address provided by you for reconfirmation, as well as security stamp that is also sent, whose content must be enter also next time you log in.

Please change your password the first time that you will connect to KRA.

7. Now you can open another window for your mail and check the details that have been sent to your email account. These are, your Pin, Password, and security stamp.

8. Go back to the KRA's Website and at the top right hand side click on Main menu. Once the main menu opens, input your pin, password (you can copy paste these) and the security stamp (if the security stamp is not clearly visible, you can download it). Then you click on the log in button.

9. In the next window that opens, you must change your password, so input a new Password which should be of 8 characters were 6 of them must be letters and 2 must be numbers. Note down your password in case you forget.

10. Now to print your Pin certificate, click on main menu and under the Registration Application click on the Registration Certificate. Now you can print your Pin certificate.

Remember to check the Frequently Asked Questions and if you have one of your own, just ask down here on the comments section.